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At QHP Wellness, we understand that a healthy workforce is a productive one! Our tailored wellness solutions empower your team to thrive physically, mentally and emotionally.

We visit businesses around the UK and host corporate wellbeing events for their employees, assisting them with various relaxation programs designed to address issues like stress release, anxiety, postural issues, mental wellbeing and sleep problems.

We tailor our programs to align seamlessly with your company culture and goals. From small start ups to large enterprises, QHP Wellness adapts to your unique employee needs.

Ready to embark on a journey towards a healthier and happier workforce? 
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Mental systems – How do they work?

Optical and auditory signals are generated in stimulating sequences. Headphones and relaxation glasses transmit the optical and auditory rhythms that guide the user from a state of tension (Beta) and lead them into an Alpha state.

After just a few minutes of using the mental system, users feel calm and deeply relaxed. Their breathing slows down and becomes more even.


With regular use, the following results can be achieved:

  •  Deep Relaxation

  •  Stress Reduction and Resilience

  •  More Life Energy and Vitality

  •  Enhanced Creativity

  •  Mental Clarity and Alertness

BrainLight-System incorporates a rich blend of sounds, chords, and frequencies, guiding the user into various states depending on the selected program. These states can range from mild relaxation to deep meditation and even heightened awareness.

How The System Works

Users are brought out of a tense state using rapidly flashing light (Beta waves) and guided into the Alpha state through slowing down the blinking frequency. Alpha waves (8 to 14 Hz) are characteristic of mental and physical relaxation. Healing and self-regeneration occur during the Delta phase (below 4 Hz), which can also be induced by the flashing light. The range of indications for the systems is extensive.  


Method of Operation – What Frequencies Do These Systems Operate With?

To understand the method of operation of mind machines, it is important to grasp the functioning of the brain from the perspective of brainwaves. Depending on the current state of consciousness, the brain operates at a specific oscillation level characterised by different brainwave patterns.
An investigation into the brainwaves of healers worldwide led to a remarkable discovery. It was found that all healers exhibited the same brainwave pattern when entering an "altered state of consciousness" during a healing process. Regardless of their societal background, belief systems, or healing techniques, all examined healers displayed a brainwave pattern of 7.8 to 8 Hz while engaged in healing. These findings were documented by nuclear physicist Dr. Robert Beck after extensive research conducted between 1969 and 1988. The results of his studies were published in the scientific journal "Archeus," Volume 4. Further investigations by Dr. Beck revealed that the brainwave frequencies and phases of these psychics and healers were in sync with those of the Earth (Schumann resonance). Theta waves are measurable when individuals are in deep meditation, such as during specific yoga and Zen practices, autogenic training, or other mental techniques.
Interestingly, it is worth noting that the EEGs of young children also exhibit a dominant presence of Theta waves even during waking states. It appears that as we grow older, we develop a tendency to not experience such deep levels of attentiveness and sensitivity.

The electrical activity of the human brain is divided into five brainwave ranges:

  •  Gamma Waves

  •  Beta Waves

  •  Alpha Waves

  •  Theta Waves

  •  Delta Waves

Gamma Waves (30 – 100+ Hz)





Gamma waves are the fastest brainwaves, ranging from 30 cycles per second (30 Hertz - abbreviated: 30 Hz) up to well over 100 Hz. They are associated with anxiety, hyperactivity, tension, as well as physical and mental peak performance.

Since Gamma waves are not extensively studied, the brainLight-Synchro uses frequencies up to a maximum of 40 Hz, which is a range that has been sufficiently researched, since it was previously attributed to Beta waves.


Beta Waves (14 – 30 Hz)



Beta waves occur in the frequency range of 14 to 30 Hz. When we are in a normal, awake state, with our eyes open, focused on the external world or engaged in specific tasks, Beta waves, as well as low Gamma waves (typically between 14 and 40 Hz), dominate in the brain.

Beta waves are associated with attention, alertness, concentration, cognition, and in extreme states, with concern and anxiety. Most people in Western culture have a brain dominated by Beta waves.

Delta Waves (0.1 – 4 Hz)



After falling asleep, Delta waves dominate in the human brain. They are even slower than Theta waves and are in the frequency range of 0.1 to 4 Hz. Delta activity is rarely experienced in the waking state.

Mental states generated by Delta waves include deep, dreamless sleep (non-REM sleep), trance, and deep hypnosis. When people are in the Delta state, a high amount of healing growth hormones is released, promoting cellular regeneration.

Alpha Waves (8 – 14 Hz)








When we close our eyes and become more relaxed, passive, or unfocused, our brain waves slow down, and we start producing Alpha waves, which typically range between 8 and 14 Hz.

As we continue to relax, Alpha waves start to dominate in the brain. They generate a calm and pleasant feeling, known as the Alpha-State.

The Alpha-State appears to be a largely neutral state for the brain. When individuals are healthy and not experiencing stress, they exhibit a high degree of significant Alpha activity. The absence of this activity can be an initial signal of concern, stress, or illness.

Furthermore, Alpha waves promote parasympathetic neural functions, facilitate the integration of the right and left hemispheres of the brain, and support the body's healing processes. In the Alpha-State, we are creative and optimally receptive to learning new information.

Theta Waves (4 – 8 Hz)

When calmness and relaxation transition into drowsiness, the brain switches to slower, more powerful Theta waves, which typically range between 4 and 8 Hz. This state represents the twilight state between wakefulness and sleep and is often accompanied by imprecise, dream-like mental imagery that may be associated with vivid memories. Theta waves are measurable when you are in deep meditation, such as certain yoga exercises, autogenic training, or other relaxation techniques. Theta opens access to subconscious thoughts, daydreaming, free associations, hidden knowledge, and creative ideas. Interestingly, in children up to around the age of 10, a dominant proportion of Theta waves is also observed in the waking state.

As individuals grow older, they seem to lose some of their attention, sensitivity, and responsiveness. When Theta waves are consistently produced for an extended period, the ideal balance between the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems is achieved. In particular, the Theta frequency of 7.83 Hz (Schumann frequency) is an important frequency in our natural environment and supports the regeneration of our bodies.

brainFlight with brainLight



A brainLight relaxation session typically starts in the lower Beta frequency range. From there, the journey continues into the upper and lower Alpha ranges for gentle harmonisation. In the Theta and Delta frequency ranges, deep relaxation and regeneration take place.

What Does Holistic Relaxation Achieve?

Holistic relaxation, facilitated by the exclusive brainLight-Technology, generally leads to:

  • Optimization of neural connections in the brain and synchronization

  • Slowing down of heart rate, respiration, and circulation for increased calmness in everyday life and enhanced stress resilience.

  • Reduction of cortisol release in the adrenal glands for decreased stress levels.

  • Harmonization of intestinal activity and digestion for improved well-being.

  • Resolution of neuromuscular and autonomic imbalances for greater serenity in daily life.

  • Harmonization of skeletal and fascial dysfunctions, particularly in the lumbar spine area.

  • Strengthening of the immune system and activation of self-healing powers for disease prevention.

  • Expansion of blood vessels during deep relaxation.


If you have or are thinking about hosting an Employee Wellness event then you need us there! For organisers we offer a free taster session for you and up to 6 people so you can understand all about what we offer and how our sessions make everyone feel better in themselves. A happy workforce is a productive workforce!

Join all these other companies who are using the brainlight technology and contact us today to book your taster session. Email or Call  01543 380763

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